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Landscapes as Resource Assemblages in the Bronze Age of Southern Spain

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Project A 02:The Use of Landscape as a Resource and Socio-Cultural Change on
the Iberian Peninsula
Universidad de TÜbingen

Proyecto Peñalosa
Departamento de Prehistoria y Arqueología Universidad de Granada


Resources form the basis of the
existence of societies. They can be
material and immaterial, and their
character is culturally determined.
Resources are usually not used in
isolation, but in combination with other resources – as resource assemblages that can change over time as a result of complex relationships. Dealing with
such resource assemblages shapes
cultural landscapes in which social
groups have their base and organize,
shape and control these landscapes in a specific, culturally determined way according to the existing circumstances.
This workshop focuses on the current
state of research on resource use in the Bronze Age in the south of the Iberian Peninsula with a temporal perspective up to the present time. Short-term and longterm trends of landscape design to facilitate the utilisation of resources will
be discussed as well as the interrelation of social dynamics and resource use.


Workshop Linares 26th-28th September 2019

Salón de Actos, Museo de RAPHAEL, Calle Iglesia nº5 (Edificio de El Pósito),
Linares, Spain
Landscapes as Resource Assemblages in the Bronze Age of Southern Spain


Topic Landscape Use
10.00 Martin Bartelheim (Tübingen), Roland Hardenberg (Frankfurt)
Landscapes as Resource Assemblages. Introduction into the Meeting and the Project
10.30 Döbereiner Chala Aldana, Martin Bartelheim, Marta Díaz-Zorita Bonilla (Tübingen)
Bronze Age Landscape Use in the Guadalquivir Valley
11.00 Leonardo García Sanjuán (Sevilla)
The Early Bronze Age in SW Spain: A Review
11.30 Coffee Break
12.00 Gonzalo Aranda Jiménez, Margarita Sánchez Romero (Granada)
Cultural Resistance to Social Fragmentation: the Continuity and Reuse of Megalithic Landscapes during the Argaric Bronze Age in South-eastern Iberia
12.30 Francisco Javier Jover Maestre, Juan Antonio López Padilla, María Pastor Quiles, Ricardo E. Basso Rial (Alicante)
Natural Resources and Peasant Rationality on the Northern Argaric Border
13.00 Mireia Ache, Selina Delgado-Raack, Nicolau Escanilla, Roberto Risch (Barcelona)
Supply Strategies for Mineral Resources in El Argar Territories
13.30 General Debate
14.00 Lunch Break
Topic Use of Raw Materials
16.00 Mark Hunt Ortiz (Sevilla)
Mining and Metals in Western Sierra Morena in the Early Bronze Age: State of the Art
16.30 Francisco Contreras Córtes, Auxilio Moreno Onorato, Luis Arboledas Martínez (Granada)
Mining and Metals in Eastern Andalusia in Recent Prehistory
17.00 Mercedes Murillo-Barroso (Granada), Ignacio Montero-Ruiz (Madrid)
On the First Bronzes in the El Argar Culture
17.30 Coffee Break
18.00 Thomas Schuhmacher (Madrid)
Ivory in the Early Bronze Age of the Iberian Peninsula
18.30 General Debate
19.00 End

Topic Multiple Approaches to Landscape Analysis
9.30 Primitiva Bueno Ramírez, Rosa Barroso Bermejo, Rodrigo de Balbín Behrmann (Alcalá de Henares)
Social, Economic and ideological Roots of Chalcolithic Iberian steles
10.00 Juan Jesús Padilla Fernández (Madrid)
Beyond Sherds and Shapes. Pottery Specialization and Use in the Argaric Bronze Age Settlement of Peñalosa (Baños de la Encina, Spain)
10.30 Eva Alarcón García, Alejandra García García (Granada)
Beyond Life. Food Practices and their Manifestation in the Symbolic Sphere of the Site of Peñalosa (Baños de la Encina, Jaén)
11.00 Marta Díaz-Zorita Bonilla, Javier Escudero Carrillo (Tübingen), Arturo Morales Muñiz (Madrid), Hervé Bocherens, Martin Bartelheim (Tübingen)
Resource Management and Herd Mobility in the Lower Guadalquivir Valley during the Late Iberian Prehistory
11.30 Coffee Break
Topic Scientific Approaches to Landscape Analysis
12.00 Thomas Scholten, Tobias Rentschler, Ruhollah Taghizadeh-Mehrjardi, Karsten Schmidt (Tübingen)
Prediction of Drought Risk and Soil Quality using FTIR and ML-Examples from Prehistoric Andalusia, Spain
12.30 Leonor Peña Chocarro, Guillem Pérez Jordà (Madrid)
Bronze Age Plant Resources in Southern Iberia: Reconstructing Subsistence Practices
13.00 Luis Benítez de Lugo Enrich (Madrid/Valdepeñas)
Climatic Crisis, Socio-cultural Dynamics and Landscape Monumentalization during the Bronze Age of La Mancha
13.30 General Debate
14.00 Lunch Break
Topic Historical and Modern Landscape Use
16.00 María Antonia Carmona Ruiz (Sevilla)
Origin, Typology and Evolution of the "Dehesas" in the South of the Iberian Peninsula during the Late Middle Ages (13th-15th Centuries)
16.30 Maike Melles (Frankfurt)
"There are no Shepherds anymore; there are only Ganaderos" – Sociocultural Change and Resource Use in the Contemporary Dehesa Landscape
17.00 José Fernando Cantarero Rodríguez, José María Cantarero Quesada (Jaén)
About Water and its Hydraulic Artifices in the Highlands Environment: the Case of Baños de la Encina, Jaén.
17.30 Coffee Break
18.00 Antonio Gilman (Northridge)
The Development of Bronze Age Landscape Archaeology in Southern Iberia – State-of-the-Art
18.30 General Debate
19.00 Excursion to the Historical Mining Landscape of Linares led by Colectivo Arrayán

9.00 Excursion to the Bronze Age settlement site of Peñalosa (Baños de la Encina)
14.00 Lunch in Baños de la Encina
16.00 Departure